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We all struggle with what to do and without having a foot up our rear end, getting tasks done is hard. Join our exclusive online community for weekly tasks to build your business and become more visible and be accountable for your goals 


We help you to tell your potential customers why they should invest in your product. Describe its benefits, its advantages over similar products, and its unique features. Make sure potential customers feel confident about investing their money in this product. Will it last a lifetime? Is it healthier than other products? Maybe it is unique and handmade? Whatever the value is, don’t be shy about bragging!

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I was nervous and doubting myself, Just as Jenny & Cate said.... I myself decided to get off my ass and stepped out of my comfort zone. As a result the encouragement, support & belief they have both shown in me and my business has been enlightening & overwhelming. I just want to say a big thank you to you both.
Jacqueline Gillespie, Millie Rose Bespoke

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