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Group Coaching

Business Simplified

Says what it is on the tin!
Simplifying all the business jargon and working with you so you understand the basics of how to make your business successful.  

We work with you on
Understanding your business plan (and writing it with you) 
Who are your customers and where to find them
Your unique selling proposition (USP)
Your story & Your elevator pitch (for Networking)
Social media, are you using it, do you need to? 
Where to sell your product's/ services
How to generate more sales 
How to gain reviews and what to do with them
+ much much more. 

This is a monthly group session with people like you who need some support. 
We act as your sales managers, you will be given tasks to complete with full support and guidance and accountable for your tasks. 

Ready to kick start your biz and get it moving?  

Click below to sign up to our 12 month group coaching program in either Preston or Cleveley's

The cost is £45 per month for 12 months. Or £11.25 a week or £1.50 a day, that's cheaper than a Costa coffee and they don't help you grow your business!

Monthly Payment
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