Business Simplified

Jenn & Cate

Cate McNeal & Jenny Hardman

“Whilst we are classed as coaches, we are many other things besides. We are supporters, idea generators, myth busters, hand holders, bum kickers, motivators, trainers, cheerleaders, mentors – these are all descriptions from our clients past and present!”

Creating a safe environment

Hardman McNeal work closely with those who suffer with anxiety and who lack self belief by building their confidence and knowledge with compassionate hand holding & guidance when needed most.

  • Simplifying the myths – Making running your business as easy as 1, 2 , 3
  • None corporate – Be yourself in a relaxed environment
  • Support & accountability – We are your cheerleaders and the pillow you shout into

People who love us!

What this network group is achieving is truly phenomenal. It just goes to show that with an original idea, a uniqueness and passion to help others, you (we) can achieve our dreams.
The level of support, the opportunities to meet other local business people and the friendly, open, non-corporate approach makes this group genuinely inspirational.

Ian David Squire – LSA Clean

After attending a session with Cate I have a much clearer vision for where I want my business to be and how I’m going to achieve that.

Hardman McNeal really care about each business they support and their passion is infectious.

Thank you!

Zoe Walsh – Zoe Walsh Doula

I have had confidence & anxiety issues for years.  I love being creative & meeting other creative folk but for me it can be so hard as I’m not that great in large groups. When I met up with Jenny she made me feel so normal & I wasn’t afraid to open up to her. She have me some much needed confidence & tips to move forward.

Ruth Brooks-Carter – Brooks-Carter Photography

Our areas of expertise

We believe that support and training should be accessible for all regardless of their background and financial situation.

We inspire people to believe in themselves by filling the support gap with an element of hand holding, motivation and compassion for those who feel vulnerable.

Making a positive difference in a safe environment.