Business Simplified

Jenny Hardman

Jenny Hardman

Whilst classed as a coach, Jenny is many other things besides. Your supporter, idea generator, myth busters, hand holder, bum kicker, motivator, trainer, cheerleader & mentor – these are all descriptions from clients, past and present

Creating a safe environment

Jenny work’s closely with those who suffer with anxiety and who lack self belief by building their confidence and knowledge with compassionate understanding & guidance when needed most.

  • Simplifying the myths – Making running your business as easy as 1, 2 , 3
  • None corporate – Be yourself in a relaxed environment
  • Support & accountability – Your cheerleader and the pillow you shout into

Sharing The Love!

It just goes to show that with an original idea, a uniqueness and passion to help others, you (we) can achieve our dreams.
The level of support, the opportunities to meet other local business people and the friendly, open, non-corporate approach makes this genuinely inspirational.

Ian David Squire – LSA Clean

After attending a session, I have a much clearer vision for where I want my business to be and how I’m going to achieve that.

Jenn really care’s about each business she support’s and her passion is infectious.

Thank you!

Zoe Walsh – Zoe Walsh Doula

I have had confidence & anxiety issues for years.  I love being creative & meeting other creative folk but for me it can be so hard as I’m not that great in large groups. When I met up with Jenny she made me feel so normal & I wasn’t afraid to open up to her. She have me some much needed confidence & tips to move forward.

Ruth Brooks-Carter – Brooks-Carter Photography

Areas of expertise

I believe that support and training should be accessible for all regardless of their background and financial situation.

I inspire people to believe in themselves by filling the support gap with an element of hand holding, motivation and compassion for those who feel vulnerable.

Making a positive difference in a safe environment.