The Business Owners Network is a mentoring, training and coaching business, setup by Jenny Hardman & Cate McNeal.

Business Owners Network was created through our own need for communication and understanding from others who also were self employed. If we needed this then surely others do to?

If you’re new to business, feeling a little lost or just want help on your journey then we are here to help you.

If you’re not a fan of  ‘corporate’ and don’t ‘do’ formal, or if you feel like a square peg in a round hole, then you’ll fit right in!

Sue Rowlinson

Practical and emotional support any and every time it’s needed. Direction and guidance you’d never think of without shared input. Business knowledge that’s pooled and available to all – no favourites or cliques. A friendly support network of professionals without the formality of some. Amazing value for money……..

Sue Rowlinson – The Home Organiser

Michelle Partington

If you want a network group where selling posts are constant, pushing business is forefront and competition is everything then this is not the group for you. If however, you want to be a part of a supportive group of people who support each other in many ways, run by people who are passionate about wanting to help you be the best you can be in business, helping anyone from anxious start-ups to the confident amongst us. This group has something for everyone and much more besides; who wouldn’t want some of that??

Michelle Partington – Mentis Training & Consultancy

Viv Ainslee

This is not your usual network. It’s based on support, and practical advice and training, not on how many referrals or thousands of £s of business passed on that you can shout about. Cate and Jenny work tirelessly for us. For those small businesses that involve working at home, I would be very isolated if it were not for this network and the people in it.

Viv Ainslee – Phoenix Word Works


11 meetings (Currently in Poulton)

Exclusive Facebook group access (24/7 – 365)

Training and guest speakers (At each event & in the FB Group)

Facebook Live Help

Free Downloads

All for just £24 a year

Local Business Owners Networks

Who are we?

Our network is our business family, and one that we’re exceptionally proud of and fiercely loyal to.

We provide affordable, accessible and informal networking opportunities in a safe and supportive environment, for all business owners, irrespective of their background, business size, bank balance or experience.

We aren’t corporate. We don’t do formal.

We are the square pegs in the round holes and proud of it. It works!

We don’t expect you to be the best at what you do, to be perfect all the time, to feel successful every working day. We give you a place to feel accepted, supported, and worthy. We celebrate your successes with you, no matter how small you think they are.

We welcome – and regularly work – with sole traders, tradesmen, creatives, working mums, ex-military, victims of redundancy, start-up’s, entrepreneurs and everyone in-between.

So if you’ve felt like you don’t make the grade, don’t fit in, aren’t big enough, or god enough, if you’ve ever tried networking and said ‘never again!’ or thought that networking just isn’t for you, then you’ll fit in perfectly with us!