Our Story

The story behind Business Simplified

I was born and grew up on a council estate in Bolton. It wasn’t the greatest of starts in life. My dad had left, and my mum worked three jobs just to keep us afloat. I suffered through domestic violence throughout most of my life.

As a child and young person, I was lost, insecure and had no one to turn too. I felt that there was no hope as no one was around to help me.

I was always told that I would never be good enough, I wasn’t destined for great things, I should be happy with a normal job like normal people.

I felt very alone and lost until I met my best friend, who in fact was my 80-year-old next door neighbour. He taught me not to give up on what I truly wanted and to fight for it until I got it.

There was only one place where I felt supported and understood.

What I felt was a sense of belonging and safety. Somewhere that I was not judged, where I could learn and grow. Without them, I would not be where I am today. They inspired me to never give up and fight for what I truly want.

What I realise today is, as business owners you are looking for where we belong, valued and understood. Each one of you needs to realise that you are worthy and no matter who didn’t believe in you, you can gain success, whatever success means to you, in your life, for yourselves and your family and to know that you have a team behind you, supporting you.

If it wasn’t for Dorothy and David believing in me, I would be a different person on a different road, and I believe that we all sometimes need someone to give us guidance and understanding to be our best selves.

This is why, I do what I do.