We know that when you are running your own business you run around like a headless chicken most days. 

When your business starts to grow with the correct support you often find that you don’t have time to manage everything as you don’t have enough hats!

You don’t have to wear every hat. You can concentrate on the parts that you are good at and get someone else to do the stuff you dread.

(We couldn’t face using a picture of a headless chicken so here is a very happy and healthy fluffy chicken just for visual purposes) 🙂

We work with a huge variety of different people across diverse sectors and industries, and what we have found is all of them have different needs.
We don’t use a one size fits all approach for that very reason.

We can work in three ways, and business owners are free to choose whichever way suits their needs best:

  • Some people like us to explain how to do something, and are happy to then complete the job themselves.
  • Others prefer slightly more support, and need us to go through the process with them, showing them what to do, giving more focused support.
  • Then there are those who have are too busy for training and coaching sessions, or have an already successful business, and need us to manage some elements for them – such as social media, content marketing, project management etc – taking the pressure off them so that they have the time to do what they do best!