Facebook Insights Simplified

Make the most of this FREE help tool!

Facebook is the ‘go to’ place to promote businesses now, but is what you’re doing actually working? 

Facebook Insights is a fantastic free tool which – when used properly – helps you understand you audience and how to engage with them more effectively.  

This small informal workshop course tells you everything you need to know to use this feature properly. This two hour session will show you:

* Who you are reaching on Facebook

* The best times and days to post to you audience

* What your audience wants from you

* How to increase engagement with your audience

* How to benchmark your competition 

* How to schedule your posts properly

** Bringing a laptop or tablet to work on may be useful, as some of the steps can be done at the session but please note that some of the features and functionalities of Facebook don’t work well with mobile devices! **

Once you have completed this workshop, you will be able to understand your Facebook marketing efforts, and be able to fine tune your actions to work smarter in the future.  i

This workshop is perfect for any business owner looking to attract customers through social media. 

Workbook download included.

‘’Cate really helped me believe in what I’m doing and gave me some fantastic pointers as to how I can improve my business. Cate and Jenny really care about people in small business and have amazing experiences to share and guide us with. It was also a fantastic way to meet other people in the same boat as me and I’m looking forward to doing more courses with you both’’ Nicola Thompson