Instagram Simplified

The Complete Crash Course

Why should you use Instagram for business?
What are the benefits?
How do you use Instagram?

This small interactive and informal workshop is for a maximum of 6 people who would like to know more about Instagram for their business.

This is one of our most popular workshops, and has enjoyed fantastic feedback and amazing results from the delegates!

What will you learn:

How to use Instagram effectively for your business
How to put together a winning profile
Consistent branding
Images and infographics
What, how and when to post
What is the point of hashtags
How to pick your hashtags and why
How to become more visible by incorporating hash tags.
How to build an Insta Community
Strategy for increasing views
How to structure posts
Scheduling posts


** Please bring a fully charged mobile device which you use to post on Instagram if you already have an account, as some of the steps can be done at the session. **

Once you have completed this workshop, you will have a greater understanding of this increasingly popular social media platform, enabling you to make the most of your posts and to find more opportunities for your business there. 

Workbook download included.

‘’Cate really helped me believe in what I’m doing and gave me some fantastic pointers as to how I can improve my business. Cate and Jenny really care about people in small business and have amazing experiences to share and guide us with. It was also a fantastic way to meet other people in the same boat as me and I’m looking forward to doing more courses with you both’’ Nicola Thompson