Reviews and Testimonials Simplified


Make the most of this free sales tool!


Many ask:


Do I need them for my business?

Should I ask for them?

What do I do with them when I have them?


This small informal workshop course tells you everything you need to know in gaining reviews, testimonials and case studies and what to do with them.


This two hour session will show you:



*What is a good review and we don’t mean, ‘thanks, great service’

*How and when to ask for them and get them

*Structure of how to ask

*What to do with them

*Do’s & Don’ts

*How to respond to feedback including negative feedback

*Using reviews effectively will not only show your commitment to your clients but also gain you additional clients and revenue when used correctly. Grow your business outside of the box!


** Bringing a laptop or tablet to work on may be useful, as some of the steps can be done at the session **



Once you have completed this workshop, you will be able to understand how to gain EFFETIVE reviews and how to win more clients by using them in the right way. 

This workshop is perfect for any business owner looking to attract customers through social media and offline.

Workbook download included.